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The Power of a Woman, without the Roar

After much observation, it has occurred to me that perhaps women are in the midst of an identity crisis.  Don’t get me wrong, I suppose at some point in life we all go through that type of issue.  However, for whatever reason, women have truly lost touch with who and what we really are.

To me, being a woman is a gift that one should cherish.  I have no desire to be a man nor be like a man.  I relish in the qualities and feminine characteristics that I possess.  It seems after recent observation, that a vast majority of women want it both ways; they wish to have all of the qualities of both men and women.  From a perspective of basic mother nature and humanity, that simply is just not possible.

Women seem to have forgotten the quiet power that we possess.  We, as women and mothers, are responsible for molding and raising the next generation of leaders.  We are responsible for maintaining and teaching family structure and the importance thereof.  We are the only sex that is capable of multi-tasking at a level that a man could never imagine.  We are typically smarter, more creative, and exhibit greater problem solving skills than most men could possibly fathom.  We can change diapers, whip up a gourmet meal, and turn a corporation around all in the same 24 hour period.

Sadly, instead of relishing in our uniqueness and talents, we are screaming that we want to be more like men.  So I ask you, what exactly is it that men can do that you can’t? What rights do men have that you don’t?  I can’t think of one.

Our society as a whole is taking a dive because we as women are having an identity crisis.  We seem to want our cake and eat it too.  Unfortunately, and again because mother nature has only specified two sexes with very specific roles, these roles have gotten confused and blurred while several generations of our youth have lost out on the very core of our society which is the family unit.

Take a look back on our society changes since women began to enter the workforce and our children were left with no parent at home.  Since that time, our society has changed greatly.  In my opinion, it has not been for the better.  We have sacrificed our children for a larger income, a fancy car, a corporate title, and a country club membership.  We have left our children to raise themselves because it takes two incomes to afford the McMansion that we can’t even afford to furnish once we purchase it.  We live on the edge, paycheck to paycheck, purchasing all the material things we wish to have, knowing at any minute a job loss could cause us to lose it all.  We live on credit and unrealistic amounts of spending money rather that what we actually bring home, all because of the material things we want but don’t really need.  What’s worse, is that for all of this stuff that we think we must have, we have in fact sacrificed future generations of children from their right of being raised in a loving home with parents to guide them, teach them, and mold them into responsible and functional adults.

While I certainly believe it is every woman’s right to seek whatever she wishes to achieve in this world, I also am a firm believer that once you make the decision to bring a child into this world that your wants and needs become second.  This tiny life that you choose to bring into the world has rights as well.  I will never understand handing a child over to someone else, as the values of that persons will become the values of your child.  Personally, I choose not to take that chance.

Some may call me old fashioned.  I was once told that I live under a rock.  Perhaps I do.  But as a woman who has single handedly raised my 3 children as a single parent, without an ounce of financial support, I have worked my tail off to accept the responsibility and duty of being a parent.  I made the choice to choose a career where I can be mom and dad all at the same time.  I made the choice to wake every morning at 5 am and sometimes not get to bed until midnight so that my children’s needs were always tended to.  I made the choice to go without myself so that I could buy that beautiful prom dress, pay their college tuition, or pay medical bills. I made the choice to put their lives and up-bringing first, because they deserve it.  Many times my very small circle of friends would invite me to happy hour or a party, to which I would decline.  They never seemed to understand.  I simply didn’t have time for that; I had children to raise.

Now, since my oldest daughter has had my first granddaughter, the cycle continues.  She does not just belong to my daughter, she belongs to the family.  Therefore as her Mimi, I adjust my schedule so that while my daughter works as a Hospice Nurse by day, Mimi can help take care of Little Emma while working at the same time.  Why?  Because that is what women do.  We meet the challenge to support our families no matter the energy required, the hours endured, or the effort it sometimes takes.

To women I simply say this; you already have the power to change the world.  You simply have forgotten who we really are.  We can be anything we want to be.  But if you really want to make a change in this world, wake up a realize what a woman is meant to be.  We weren’t meant to be men, because quite frankly men couldn’t handle our very difficult job.        Remember that at some point we all leave this world.  Which do you choose to leave behind: a big house with lots of stuff and debt that you leave your heirs to deal with? Or a legacy of leadership, love and teachings to share with future generations?  For me, no matter the size of my house or my paycheck, no matter my successes or failures, my greatest accomplishment in this life will always be my successes as a mother and the adults that my children have turned out to be.  Wake up ladies! Women are in fact the quiet leaders of the world……..we don’t need to roar!!




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